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I was trading when someone traded me a level 6 palkia they also had a level 1 rigice and regirock but when I tryed to get an egg from Palkia but it didn't work.So how did this happend and how can I get an egg of Palkia?

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Palkia can be obtained at level 1 in HG/SS, however Regirock and Regice cannot be obtained at level 1 at all. That suggests all those Pokemon are hacked, since they came from the same person.

And no, you can't get an egg from one. The only legendary Pokemon that can breed is Manaphy. If you saw a Palkia egg, it was a hack.

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Its a hack why?
1.- legendaries cant breed only manaphy and phione this is due to the fact that if they could breed they wouldnt be ''unique''
2.-They are part of the ''unknown egg group'' which as far as I know cant breed

3.-They are also genderless

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