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I traded someone on gts for a female emboar. I put It with a male ratticate and it won't lay an egg. Also I can't catch a ditto because I keep making it faint.

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Emboar is in the field breeding group. Leave it with a member of this group, walk around a while, and ta da. You have a tepig egg. Raticate is in the field group, so it should work. Make sure you have the right genders and that you walk around a lot before you check for an egg again.

Here's a list of field group Pokemon

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You need a male and a female Pokemon from the [Field egg group.][1] Although ratticate is field, they won't always breed. It does depend a bit. But make sure you got the things like the gender. Then just wait a while.

Basically, get any male Pokemon from that group I linked above. Make sure they rare high(er) leveled, and mix and match them a but until you get the egg. Egg moves and passing natures is different, but if you don't care about that then it doesn't matter.

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[1]: http://pokemondb.net/mechanics/egg-groups/field

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Make sure that you walk for around 255 steps before checking the day care center. Pokemon eggs have cycles, and every 255 steps there is a CHANCE, not a certainty, that an egg was made. Pretty much just have a lot of patience and keep on checking.

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