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Do Pokemon lay eggs? I mean, in Pokemon Diamond when you breed the Pokemon you always find an egg.

Is that true of false?

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Here's a article about pokemon eggs. Very interesting.


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Well, in the games it usually says "We found an egg. We have no idea where it came from." So they never specify that Pokemon actually lay the eggs, or which Pokemon it is.

Really, it's just "magic". Depends how seriously you look at the various game elements (like why do all those people stand perfectly still in the same spot 24/7?)

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I didn't know that.
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I think someone in the game told me that eggs often get found but no one has seen a Pokemon lay a egg.

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Thay don't LAY eggs,they sort of...MAKE them.

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if you put ditto at the day care with the pokemon you want the egg from it will make an egg.

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not true, you can't do this with legendaries, for one of the pokemon has to be male or female.