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I understand if like, Charizard lays eggs. It's like a reptile. But what about Miltank and Raichu? I see them as mammals. How do they lay eggs?!

you know most legendaries cant, right?

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Having Pokemon like Miltank or other Pokemon portrayed as a mammal lay eggs means Pokemon has a new Unique selling points becuase if you add bits into Pokemon like egg hatching it keeps the person that is playing the game interested. If a Pokemon just gave birth to a Pokemon at level 1 without it hatching an egg then players would lose intrest after a while.
Also everybody says this so It's how Gamefreak designed the game :P

Also read this if you can be bothered it is a report on this debate here
Bulbapedia Debate/Report

Hope this helps

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lol dat meme.. xD
ikr :9
Also...can you imagine a kid's game saying "Congratulations, your Poke'mon gave live birth while you weren't watching!"?
yeah awkward and inappropriate