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  • Get perfect IVs:
    You can do this by breeding in certain ways. I am not very familiar with them, so it would be best to google "IV Breeding" to learn more.

  • Max out EVs:
    Really not much to say here. Get 252 EVs in the stat you want to max out. 255 won't get you any more than 252, as it is 1 stat point per 4 EVs.

  • Get a beneficial nature:
    Again, really nothing to say here.

If you don't know what EVs or IVs are, check out the EV and IV pages under "Game Mechanics".

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you missed natures
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If you mean species as in type, then first of all get a list of all the types and find the one with the highest base stat. for example blissey. its a normal type and has 255 base hp. then ev train it by killing heaps of Pokemon that yeild hp evs like stunfisk. stunfisk gives 2 evs and with the power wieght will give a total of 6 evs
keep track of your evs becuase you cant find out any other way

hope I helped

No pokeathalon in the 5th gen.  HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO GET STUNFISK!!!!!???/??