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I want to get a high level team quickly that has high stats are there any good, fast evolving Pokemon available in Black?(My team is mostly legendary Pokemon and takes long to level up)


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Well, the starters are good. Then theres others like Conkeldurr that evolve easily and have good stats. With it's 140 power and 90 defense, it's an amazing Pokemon that always fits in woth the legendaries. Then there's the ones that evolve by stone. Then there's the eveeolutions. Flareon has great Special Defense while using those Fire Blast to knock out the opponent. Vaporeon is a good wall due to it's 130 HP base stat. Jolteon is BAWS with it's amazing Special Attack, and the stat that makes it go first, speed, at 130. Glaceon has the great Special Attack at another 130, while staying on the battle field for a while with 110 Defense. Leafeon is the way to go with defense, at 130. It also has BAWS attack at 110. While keeping up on a footrace at 90 Speed. umbreon is all defense with it's 130 Special Defense and 110 Defense, not to mention the 90 HP. Finally, Espeon hits fast and hard special moves with 130 Special attack, and it's 110 Speed... Then we have Cloyster that is the main man for DEFENSE, at a whopping 180. While it's being a BAWS with defense, it's also attacking your opponent hard with 90 attack. Chandelure is the way to go with those Special moves with a 145 base stat for Special Attack, while staying up with 90 in both defensive stats. Gallade is being the Baws by taking the special moves, with 115 Special Defense, and killnig the opponent who wish it had a light screen, with 125 attack. to top it all of, Nosepass can be evolved if it's level 2 or up, so you can consider it easy. probopass is the ultimate Pokemon for EVERYTHING DEFENSE. 150 Special attack, and 140 Defense gives this Pokemon 10 turns to kill you're opponent...

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*Sometimes better than an Uber.
Blaziken IS and Uber Pokèmon.
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