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Until Level 23, Fluctuating requires the least total experience except for at level 11 where it requires three more total experience points than Medium Slow. Then it ends up being the middle ground in terms of total experience needed. At level 46, Erratic ends up requiring less total experience than it. Finally, at level 62 it ends up being beaten by slow. It requires the most experience of all growth rates, requiring 1640000 experience points total.

All in all, not the best growth rate. Fast, Medium Fast, and Medium Slow are better for getting to level 50, and Erratic is better for getting to level 100 (the two important levels.)

Here's the formula (courtesy of bulbapedia)

enter image description here

Also check out http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Experience#Experience_at_each_level for a table of experience gain to see for yourself what the Fluctuating growth rate requires at each level.

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Beautiful. It does make Breloom ridiculously easy to get if you don't care about Spore.
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It takes the most amount of exp to get to level 100.
It will take a long time to level up mostly.

So I guess I can't get crawdaunt then
No, you can, it just takes pacience
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The second experience group introduced in Generation III, and a direct opposite to the Erratic group, the Fluctuating experience group contains the Pokémon which grow the slowest of all, reaching level 100 with a whopping 1,640,000 experience points. It is also, unsurprisingly, the smallest of the experience groups, containing only 14 species. Pokémon within this group require the least amount of experience to grow from level 1, needing only 540 points to reach level 10, as compared to 560 for Medium Slow, the next lowest requirement. They also require the most experience points to go from level 90 to 100 - 517340 as compared to 338750 for Slow, the next highest.