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Because a lot of people that I know seem to have gotten shinies really quickly.

Can't be sure, but I found two shinies yesterday. One hatched Goomy(Masuda), and a horde Foongus. The only other "natural" shiny I've found in *many* playthroughs was a Tentacruel in HG. Came to ask the same question, and it'll be nice to get this confirmed.
probly  its the same as  any other Pokemon game.
Well there are just more ways in X and Y. You got the chaining, chain fishing, breeding (musada method), hordes and the friend safari. Which makes it just so much easier because of the 3 select pokemon and seen the increased (so they say) shiny rate.
What I am saying is that it might not be a higher shiny encounter rate in this game. But just more ways of obtaining a shiny pokemon.
How are you all so lucky!?!? The only shinies I've seen are the ones that are there guarantied...
The chances are still the same Mewderator, but those chances can be improved signifigantly if you chain the poke reader, chain fish, or breed via masuda method. Other than that they are still the same. And I don't have a shiny Pokemon either, if that helps.

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Yay Serebii updated
>As of Pokémon X & Y, it is a 1 in 4,096 chance of finding a shiny Pokémon.

And you can use all the other methods to increase on that. No idea what the chances are for that though.

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Shinies just got a whole less Rare.
Then why haven't I seen one? v.v

inb4 "Cuz you a n00b MrK"
Cuz you sak MrK
Fun fact - it's literally half of the previous rate.
Also worth mentioning that one in four thousand is still UGH TOO RARE. >.>
I'll be happy when the number is 1/2048. ;-;