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I can't get past Bugsy in SS, mainly due to that U-turn, how can I win?


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Personally, I grind a lot as a OCD habit, which helps in the long run but I understand how tedious that can be.
According to bugsy, the only difficulty is the Scyther right? you can pick up a Geodude from the Tunnel on the way to Azalea, which learns Rock Throw for a 4x multiplier against it, obviously resulting in a OHKO. and from then on, a good geodude sweeps the whole gym, and bugsy's other two panzy Pokemon larvae (Metapod, Kakuna)
I really hope I helped, the geodude learns it at lvl 11 btw :D
and it should be able to take a hit from the scyther, because it resists all his moves :D

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I worked! Thank you!
Great, and no problem !
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I have a few ideas/strageys:
A: if you chose cydiquil as your starter over level him and burn bugesy's gym
B: if you didn't choose cydiquil like I did, just get a butterfree and over level it a bit ad just pretty much confusion everything and maybe sleep powder on the syther
Hope I helped! :D
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It is a very good tip, the problem is actually that Caterpie, Metapod and Butterfree don't appear in SS.

And by that was my starter the Chikorita
then i'd say beedrill
I passed the Gym already ^^'