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Ok so I wanted to play through Pokemon heartgold without a traditional starter, i'm at bugsy and bugsy's syther is kicking my sandshrew and pidgeys butts. HELP!

Level up more. Pidgey should be able to win on it's own if it's a higher level.

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Bugsy is the second gym leader, and specializes in Bug-type Pokemon. So, in order to win, you need high levels and super-effectives.

So, you seem to have trouble with scyther - so I'm guessing Metapod and Kakuna aren't much of a challenge.

Scyther is lvl. 17, so, I'd say you should have your Pokemon lvls 20+. Scyther is also weak against, fire, electric, ice, flying, and rock. Luckily, your sandshrew can learn rollout @ lvl7. Also, you should try to catch some other Pokemon who can definitely help - as far as I know, you only have 2 Pokemon since you're not using your starter.

Hope I helped! :)

Scyther's nature is careful which means you would have to use physical moves, not special.