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Effect In Battle
The unique feature with Pokémon Amie is that after you have utilised the feature, you will come to see various effects in battle. These features range from superficial to largely beneficial for the trainer which allows for greater strategy in battle. Most of them occur randomly, with the rate increasing based upon the Pokémon's affection towards you. The effects known are as follows

Text: The introduction message, and various statements throughout battle change in context
Critical Hit Ratio: The ratio of Critical Hits is increased
Evasion: The Pokémon's evasion is increased
The following may be attributed to Pokémon Amie based on the visual representation, but it still isn't clear

Paralysis: The Pokémon has a chance of healing itself from paralysis
Sleep: The Pokémon has a chance of waking itself up
Confusion: The Pokémon has a chance of healing itself from confusion
Survival: The Pokémon has a chance of enduring a hit which would have knocked it out
EXP Yield: The Pokémon can receive a boosted amount of EXP
Petting: If your Pokémon has max affection, you can pet it after it wins a battle by rubbing the touch screen.

Source:  http://www.serebii.net/xy/pokemonamie.shtml

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The effects of Pokémon Amie are just a fancy word for happiness, so it just boosts your happiness and that stay's in competative battling.

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Affection =/= happiness. They serve different purposes in the game.

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Well... the general belief of most of the community (on other forums :P) seems to be that the boosts provided by Pokemon Amie do not carry into wifi batles (largely because of the fact it would be overpowered bla bla bla)
Also some guy on Bulbagarden said that;
>I don't believe Amie effects carry over into Wi-Fi battles. I did some random ones and the noticeable Amie effects did not come into play at all.

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