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Hello everybody !

I need a Light Ball but I didn't find anybody in the Trade Room who can help me.
First I want to check:

  1. If I enter a Pokemon in the PWT, and give it no item and learn it Covet, is it able to steal items ? I wanna steak this Pikachu's Light Ball so it become useless XD
  2. If I can, can someone give me a list of Pokemon which can outspeed Pikachu and learn Covet ? That would be nice !

Thank you ;)


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K so there is a huge list and that would be to many lol

You can find them all here: http://pokemondb.net/move/covet

My suggestion: Go to the move tutor with Liepard because it gets Prankster

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Ty, but would this functions to steal Pika's Light Ball ? I know Red's Pikachu has one, if not, then it cannot reduce Espeon's HP to the half with Fake Out.