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Can my real Pokemon become fake if I used fake hacked items and rare candies on my real Pokemon and can my real Pokemon become fake if I transferred hacked fake Pokemons into my real Pokemon game just curious to know because I'm getting so stressed out that I wanna die all my Pokemons and start over again please help me?

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Your Pokemon will still be real if you used hacked items on it but some would consider that cheating. The hacked Pokemon that you transfer will still be a hacked Pokemon. The rare candies just level them up so don't worry about the candies. All of the other stuff is hacking and considered cheating.

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oh ok so all my Pokemons are still 100% real and another thing I wanna know is the Pokemon x and y will be much easier for me to know if all my  Pokemons are 100% real or not right as if its life or death correct because I don't remember if my games were real or not like emerald and leafgreen Pokemon games can be stressed
The games were real but some of the pokemon were hacked so be careful.