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I was playing the game and I noticed that my Nidoran was getting boosted exp and I thought it was strange because it's not a traded one and that's the only way I know to a Pokemon to get boosted exp.



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your Nidoran summary is saying that it is "apparently met" at route 3
From Generation III onward, outsider Pokémon have their met location listed as "apparently met".
It is considered a outisider Pokémon for some reason, how exactly did you obtain it?
I just caught it on route 3

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For some reason, your Trainer ID number doesn’t match those of your Pokémon.

While I don’t know why this occurred, this is the source of your problem. The game is reading them as traded due to the different ID number.

This is further proved by the summary screen. It says apparently met. This message usually only occurs with traded, glitched or hacked Pokémon.

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