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Damp, Smooth, Heat, Icy Rocks are the ones in question.


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Yes they do
Source: I can't find my link (guess who cleared his history) but everyone I've talked to (who have used rocks) have said that weather is elongated by it.

EDIT: Yeah that wasn't a good source and I have a better one now. The weather rocks are extending the length of weather on Custom Games Gen 6 for Showdown. HOWEVER, none of the main Pokemon sites like Bulbapedia, Serebii, or the DB have said that the weather rocks extend weather.

I also talked with someone on showdown who played in-game with weather and he said that he used Damp Rock to extend drizzle's rain from 5 to 8 turns.

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Isn't it eight turns for increased weather time?

That's not to say I'm doubting this answer. I just think it's a bad source. :P
Yes trachy it was a bad source. But it still said weather was affected by rocks.
They still exost and say they do, a damp rock is in the forest where you git goomy and go in a haunted house