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So I know that the amount of HP you receive from a HP draining attack (drain punch, mega drain) is based on the amount of damage inflicted on the opponent's Pokemon, but you never receive the same amount of HP as the opposition had lost. Is there some sort of formula that calculates how much you receive, or percentage? I'm just curious.

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You always recover half of the HP the opponent lost.

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unless the user is holding a big root - then it is 65% instead.
Yes, Big Root boost HP revived by 1.3, which roughly corresponds to recovering 65% of drained HP.
What about Oblivion Wing ??

It says:

"User recovers most of the HP inflicted on opponent."

Is it the same ?
What on earth is a Oblivion Wing?
its Yvetal's exclusive move. DB's page on it says that it recovers more than 50% but the exact amount is not yet confirmed. So basically we don't know.
OK, I believe it will be 75 %, 87.5 % with a Big Root, but that's my estimation.