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Can anyone tell me all the moves that deal damage and gain an amount of HP back?

These are all I know. Tell me if there more.

Mega Drain
Giga Drain
Horn Leech
Drain Punch

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Dream Eater and do you count Leech Seed?
Leech Seed drains a small amount of HP from the target each turn.
Leech life is the same as Absorb but a different type.
I'm not sure if there are any more.
Your forgeting leech seed and dream eater
Leech Seed is WORTHLESS cause it drains a minimal amount of HP and does very LITTLE damage.
Leech Life is even worse and is a WASTE.
Dream Eater need the pokemon to be asleep and only a few pokemon can learn Dream Eater and A move to put the opponent to sleep even most of those have bad stats.
None Fit in my team.
But thanks for answers anyway.
Unidentified, you never put in your question about no useless moves. And that's pretty opinionated.
+ Leech Life and Leech Seed are the best! Don't you know about the Leech Life buff?

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Leech Seed, Leach Life, Dream Eater, I guess you have the rest

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Generation 7 update: Draining kiss, oblivion wing, and parabolic charge now exist.

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Let's Go, Pikachu!/Let's Go, Eevee! update: Bouncy Bubble.

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what people said above plus drain punch

The question's description already mentions drain punch...