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I want to know where you can buy or find stones in soulsilver.

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You cannot buy evolution stones in Pokemon Soulsilver, unfortunetely.

But you can get them from the Athlete Shop in the Pokeathalon Dome on certain days of the week -
in exchange for your Athlete Points;They cost around 2000 points each.

Certain trainers will give you evolution stones if they find them when you regester their phone number in your pokegear; and after you get to Kanto, there are more evolution stones to find:

Viridian Forest: You can find a Leaf Stone in here.
Tohjo Falls: You can find a Moon Stone in here.

Bill's grandpa will give you a total of five different evolution stones for showing him different Pokemon:

Everstone If you consider this as a evolution stone

Leaf Stone
Water Stone
Fire Stone
Thunder Stone

Also, after you get HM08, Rock Climb after beating all 16 gyms, you can get more evolution stones:

Shiny Stone: On a cliff in the northeastern side of National Park.
Dusk Stone: Inside of Cerulean Cave (im not sure)
Dawn Stone: Inside of Mt. Silver (im not sure)

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