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So, I screwed up my Jolly Nature Salamence on accident when I didn't teach it Crunch by accident (I pressed "Do Not Learn" when I wasn't paying attention). When I went to the move tutor, she didn't have it in her list. That disappointed me greatly, so now I'm not sure what to do. I have two choices:

  1. Make an alternate moveset from the original moveset I was planning which was:
    Fly (I know aerial ace is better, but I'm not going competitive outside of friends so it's decent)
    Dragon Claw

or 2.
Just spend more hours breeding for a new Bagon with Jolly Nature.

I really don't want to do the second one, but if I want Crunch I might need to. I digress though. If I should make an alternate moveset without Dragon Dance or Outrage (since I don't know how to learn Outrage for Salamance without a tutor), what would be good?

Sorry for the long post, but appreciated if you did take the time to read.

Wait, I just read Salamence learns Crunch at lv 53 so...I'm going to try to get to lv 53 to see if I can learn it first, but answers are still appreciated just incase.

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Salamence should have Crunch by level 53. Maybe you stopped it learning as a Bagon, and that's why the move relearner doesn't give the option of Salamence learning Crunch. You just need to get to the level where Salamence learns Crunch, and if you press no again, the option will appear for it to relearn it at the move relearner.

If you're still considering an alternative moveset:

Dragon Claw
Aqua Tail

You can also consider Fire Blast to deal with things like Ferrothorn or Forretress, which have a x4 Fire weakness and won't be surviving a Fire Blast to the face without any rain, even with a Jolly nature.

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Just wondering, why Aqua Tail as a possibility in the moveset?
Coverage, esp. against Rock types. It's also a good move to break balloon Heatran & use Earthquake on it.
Huh, I never thought of that. I might consider this using this moveset. Thanks.
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You could just teach your original Salamence Shadow Claw, because just like Crunch:

  • It is Super Effective against Ghost and Psychic
  • It is powerful and may get a Critical Hit
  • It is great against most Pokemon