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Chesnaught question: Brick Break or Hammer Arm?

Brick Break is guaranteed 75 BP attack with no drawbacks. Hammer Arm is much stronger at 100 BP but it lowers speed. Not that Chesnaught will outrun many things, but its speed is not terrible. And most important, it's not 100% chance hit.

Meowstic question: Psychic or Psyshock?

Psychic hits harder and has a very litle chance of lowering Sp. Def.. Psyshock deals with special walls and makes my Meowstic a mixed attacker since it has Shadow Ball.



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Considering that Chesnaught has really high attack, Brick Break is the better option in-game, as you will be fighting a lot of trainers consistently. Brick Break has higher PP, better accuracy and no draw backs. I don't know of any trainers that use the screens, but Brick Break might come in handy.

If it's the female Meowstic, Psyshock; imo you'll be using it against Pokemon that are weak to Psychic types anyway, like Toxicroak. Note that Psyshock might also come in handy against Florges since it has really high sp. def. I think that the male Meowstic might be better off with Psychic though, since it's not as offensive based so it can just set up a screen or two and deal STAB damage with a slightly stronger move.