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Xatu can learn Giga Drain by TM in Diamond and Roost by breeding in White. Can Xatu learn both in White? I'd love to have it possible, just not sure if it'll work.

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Xatu can get Giga Drain from the Pokemon Dream World or via Technical Machine (TM). It can get Roost as an Egg move as well from Pokemon like Aerodactyl, Archeops, Altaria, etc. or through a move tutor.

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Giga Drain doesn't exist as a TM move in White. Move Tutors also do not exist in White.
Was thinking of BW2. My bad!
Edit: You can pass up a Giga Drain Xatu from Gen 4 and then move tutor Roost from either gen.
You can't teach Xatu Roost in BW because there isn't a move tutor..? Move tutors are only present in B2W2, not BW, which is what the Q is asking.