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i want to teach my cradily giga drain i wanna know if it's possiable cause i saw on a move set page that somone used it as a healer and it had giga drain and i'm in gen 5 pokemon black

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Cradily can only get Giga Drain when you get its pre-evolution, Lileep, from the Dream World. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get through breeding. It is a Dream World Exclusive move.
You can get one at the Dream World area, Sparkling Sea, but you need 7500 Dream Points to unlock him.

Source for move info: Bulbapedia- Lileep

Source for it's location in the Dream World: Bulbapedia-Dream World/Sparkling Sea

if i get it in dream world can i breed it with the one i already have and get giga drain with the baby or no?
now that, im not completely sure of as i have never tried before, but im going to say Edit ur question to ask that also so other people that might know can see it and answer.