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I'm trying to breed a cradily in Ruby (gen III) so that it learns barrier, mirror coat, recover, and rockslide. With the following chain:

  1. male tentacruel passes barrier to male corsola
  2. male corsola with barrier levels up to learn recover and mirror coat
  3. male corsola passes rockslide, recover, and mirror coat to lileep

I can breed a lileep with barrier, mirror coat, and recover, however, I'm stuck on getting rock slide into the mix. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Interesting....  it seems that Rock Slide is no longer an Egg Move or Lileep/Cradilly.  Strange...  the breeding overview page at Serebii still has the Corsola -> Lileep Egg Move breed chain as an example.  But if you're still in Gen 3.....

Game Freak used Confuse Ray!  Pkmn Trainer became confused!
If you were playing Emerald, I'd tell you to teach Lileep rock slide for 48 BP, but you're not playing Emerald...

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Found it! Here's what you need to do:
1. Capture a male Numel and evolve it to become Camerupt; when it evolves, it learns Rock Slide.
2. Breed Camerupt with Spheal, since they're both in the Ground egg group.
3. Breed the baby Spheal with Corsola, since they're both in the Water 1 egg group.
4. I believe by then you'd have all the moves on Corsola, assuming you used the Corsola with all the previously required moves, so then you just breed it with Lileep and there you have a Lileep with Rock Slide, Barrier, Mirror Coat, and Recover!

Hope this helps!

All research done on Serebii.net

But Rock Slide isn't an Egg Move for Spheal?
Well waddaya know o.O
Yeah, everything I looked at was in Gen III, so I didn't know they changed it later. :I