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I need help with my flygon's earthquake in gen 3.

I used all tms of earthquake in my gen III games so I need to chain breed, but I can't find a pokemon in the bug egg group (terrible egg group for flygons) with earthquake so I need to chain breed. Can someone help me with this irritating chain I can't find!!!

Ps I have a swampert w/ earthquake if it is usefull, but I can't find a way into the bug group with him...

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what game are you playing
is your swampert a male and your flygon a girl
Doesn't work, they arnt in the same egg group.
but i think the water 1 and bug egg group are connected at least thats what the chart says
One little problem- surskit is

 a- unable to learn earthquake

 b- unable to being caught in emerald exept for special occasions which I have never had.

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It's a no-go, it seems. As far as I know, there are no Pokémon that can learn Earthquake (via level-up) in the Bug egg group for Gen III.