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I'm trying to get my Abomasnow to have 31/X/31/31/31/0 IV's. I have a whismur with 0 speed, and rather convenient Kakuna with the 4 31 IV's I want. I have a basic understanding of IV breeding, destiny knot and the power items, but I can't find a simple breeding chain I can use to get those IV's from whismur and Kakuna onto a Snover

I don't have any understanding at all.

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Kakuna and Whismur aren't in the same egg group. Conveniently enough, however, Snover and Whismur ARE in the same egg group. So keep that 0 IV until the end.

Step 0.5) Make sure Kakuna is Male.
Step 1) Transfer the 4 IVs from a Male Kakuna holding the Destiny Knot to a Female Paras or Parasect until the offspring has the 4 IVs you want and is male.
Step 2) Breed that Male Paras holding a Destiny Knot with your 4 IVs with a Female from the Chikorita line, Tropius, or the Turtwig Line until the offspring has the 4 IVs you want.
Step 3) Breed that new 4 IV offspring holding a Destiny Knot with your Whismur holding a Power Anklet, to transfer the Speed IV and the 4 IVs.
Step 4) Breed that new offspring with the 4 31 IVs and the 0 IV in Speed with a Female Snover or Abomonasnow.

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