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I'm trying to breed a competitive Durant on Alpha Sapphire. I have a female with all perfect IVs except HP. I gave her a Destiny Knot and left her in the Day Care. I have a male with 2 perfect IVs: HP and Defense. I gave him a Power Weight and left him in the same Day Care.

After hatching 20 eggs, I haven't found a single baby yet with a perfect HP IV, let alone a perfect HP + any other perfect stats. The Power Weight doesn't seem to be working.

Did I do something wrong?


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1) Double-check to make sure that you're right about your Pokémon's IV's.

2) Double-check to make sure that the parents are holding the right items.

3) If you're sure nothing wrong, I looked around and found sites with contradicting conclusions about whether Power items could be used with Destiny Knot of not:

  • Pokemondungeon.net [link] & A user from Pokecommunity.com [link] states:
    "You cannot use both the Destiny Knot and the Power Items" & "The Destiny Knot and Power Items do not work together, the effects are not combined," respectively.

  • A Neoseeker.com user [link] argues that:
    "...so this definitely confirms that the Destiny Knot will not override the Power items. However, it remains to be seen if the Power items override the Destiny Knot," which means that Destiny Knot will not nullify Power Weight's effect.

After browsing the internet, many sites refute Power items and Destiny Knot's ability to work in tandem, while many others state that it's possible. So it's very possible that Destiny Knot and Power items don't work together, but in the end, the right nature is more important (imo), so perhaps you should give the male an Everstone to hold instead until you manage to breed another male with more perfect IV's.

Thanks.  I'll try my luck without the Destiny Knot.
Personally, I've found Destiny Knot to be more helpful in IV breeding than Power items because it gives the baby Pokémon a higher chance to have more perfect IV's. But if you want to pass down specific IV's, then Power items would help a lot.
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Ev-enhancing items do not give Perfect IVs

that parent passes down its IV in that respective stat; HP for Power
Weight, Attack for Power Bracer, and so on

But the holder has a perfect HP IV...