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My next Pokemon is a shiny, the problem has been that I'm not getting the ability I want.

I've tested and restarted several options to alter the ability of this next shiny egg. What I want
is a shiny Goomy with Gooey as its ability. The game has been giving me a Hydration Goomy, when the parent
has the hidden ability Gooey. So I've tried a Goomy parent with Sap Sipper and I get Sap Sipper nature.

Does anyone know a glitch or anything I can do? p.s. thanks! and I'm using a Ditto slave with a Goomy.

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It's probably just because of bad luck.

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Unfortunately, for that particular Egg, you're already screwed. In Sun/Moon, Eggs are generated farther in advance than in previous generations. If the Shiny is the next Egg to come from the Daycare, it's already too late to change it without also losing it as a Shiny.

The problem with Shiny Breeding Hidden Abilities is that you aren't guaranteed to get the Hidden Ability. The best way to minimize this headache is to ensure you are using a female of the Pokemon specie with the Hidden Ability. This gives an 80% chance that the Hidden Ability will be passed down, instead of the 20% from a male.

My Pokemon's parent is a female with the hidden ability. And time after time its comes out with a certain nature and ability, which isn't hidden. It does get its egg moves. And what you mean about loosing it as a shiny? I've done this over 10 times and I get the same shiny pokemon with the set gender and abilities ect.
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So this is a common thing that happens with shiny hunting and I know how to fix it. First you will want to grind up 100BP from the battle tree. Then with that 100BP you can buy something called an ability capsule. If you use this on your Pokemon you should get the ability you want on your shiny goomy without having to breed more shiny goomy. Hope I helped!

Ability Capsule can't be used to affect hidden abilities, so it isn't helpful for getting Gooey in this instance. OP would need to hatch a Goomy with Gooey to begin with.