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I noticed that his/her stat total was 600 like all the other pseudo legendary Pokemon. Does this mean that it is a pseudo legendary?

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Bulbapedia states that three things a pseudo-legendary needs to possess are:

  • 600 Base Stat Total
  • 1,250,000 EXP at Level 100.
  • Three Evolutions, it being the last.

According to Serebii's Pokedex page on Goodra, Goodra is currently two thirds of a pseudo-legendary, but no one knows it's experience at Level 100, so Goodra's pseudo-legendary status remains unknown, yet hopeful. I do imagine it will have 1,250,000 EXP at Level 100, but that remains an educated theory.

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Source: Things I stated above, but couldn't be bothered linking to.

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We don't know until it's experience at level 100 is discovered. For a Pokemon to be a pseudo-legendary, it needs a base stat total of 600, two pre-evolutions and a maximum number of experience points of 1,250,000. So it ticks two of the three boxes, but we'll have to wait until somebody gets Goodra to level 100 to see if it ticks the third.

It does look like it'll be this Generation's pseudo legendary though. It has a weak first form like all the others (maybe not Tyranitar, Larvitar is pretty decent), and it is the only Pokemon from Kalos revealed so far to have the base stat total of 600. So yeah.

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I have a level 100 goodra it does indeed has 1,250,000 experience so yes it's this generation pseudo legendary Pokemon

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