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Well, not all are legendary.


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>A Pokemon is considered Uber if it is too powerful to be reasonably handled within the bounds of the standard metagame. Uber status is determined by this factor alone; it does not matter if a Pokemon is worthless in the Ubers tier, or if it is outclassed by anything already in Ubers. In Ubers, a strategy or Pokemon may appear to be broken; this doesn't matter as Ubers is essentially a ban list for OU, and nothing is currently too broken to be used in Ubers. Uber Pokemon generally have extremely large movepools and very high Base Stats when compared to OU Pokemon. -Smogon

Ubers are just overpowered Pokemon that are very strong.
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Hey StealthScyther99

First: not all uberpokemon are legendaries.
If a pokemon is uber it is most based on: stats, type combination and
much of them have a signature move.

Sources: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Tiers and http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Tiers

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  • High Attack and SpAtk.
  • Strong physical moves (Flare Blitz, Hi Jump Kick, & Brave Bird)
  • Decent Speed.
  • New Dream Wolrd Ability: Speed Boost (For the love of Arceus).


  • Great Typing with lots of resistances.
  • Immune to Toxic and Thunder Wave.
  • High Attack.
  • Decent Speed.
  • Ability that DOUBLES speed in a Sandstorm.
  • Ability to power it's Rock, Steel, & Ground type moves.


  • Pseudo Legendary with a base stat total of 600.
  • Good typing with strong Dual STAB moves (Outrage & Earthquake).
  • High Attack & Speed.
  • Dream World Ability: ROugh Skin. (Good for lead).

    The rest are Legendaries. Not much to say about them.