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So I've ran into Moltres twice (almost tres times :D?) and he flees before I get to do anything. How do I catch it and the other birds?


You can randomly encounter it for 12 battles. If you haven't caught it by then, it will wait for you in a specific location in Kalos. I'm not exactly sure where, though.
@Melvin      Sea Spirit's Den

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>After they have run from you over a dozen times, they will go to the Sea Spirit's Den where you can finally battle them

2/12. 10 more times to go! :D

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you must find them 10x and you found him in sea cave

o rly? 10 times? Because KoD's source says 12.
i bet he means 10 more times
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You can't get all three legendary birds but you can get a specific one depending on the starter you selected :

Froakie : Moltres
Fennekin : Zapdos
Chespin : Articuno

To catch them you have to find them 12 times In the Kalos region after you beated the Elite 4
Then you can find It In the Sea Spirit's Den

- Once found, You can locate It In the Coastal Pokédex
- Don't use Fly If you know its Location, It will change its location (except for Sea Spirits Den)
- Don't freak out If it flies away when you encounter It, Just find It 12 times through the Kalos Region and go to Sea Spirit's Den to capture It

Hope that this helps
Kartana Origami