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Hello !

I was surfing on Serebii's abilitydex and got into Klutz. Y'all know, Serebii, unlike Bulbapedia or Pokemondb.net, the site itself and one the greatest, cannot be read easily ; it's dark and miniature. So I went to Bulbapedia's Klutz page, hoping that they give a way of using Klutz and because of today's luck, I didn't find anything.

So could someone mind on explaining to me how is Klutz useful ?

Thank you ;)

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Klutz is a bad ability, avoid it at all costs.
I know it's bad. I'm asking how can I use it, not more.
I knew that!

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It's mostly for head-games. Klutz prevents items from affecting the Pokemon with the ability, so say someone tricked a ring target onto your hypothetical Golurk to hit it with thunder wave or a fighting move (ring targets nullify type immunities when held), it wouldn't work, and Golurk would still be immune. It works the other way, too. As a Pokemon with klutz can hold a toxic orb without being poisoned before tricking it onto something else.
So yeah, klutz has dubious usefulness. For staters no positive effect items like leftovers will work. It's useless in game, as items like the toxic orb are very rare and once tricked onto another Pokemon, you don't get them back after the battle. And the AI NEVER tries to trick nasty items on you either. In game, avoid klutz like a plague rat.
In competitive, it's a different story. Pokemon there are very reliant on items, and having a safe way to take an opponent's leftovers and swap them, say, a flame orb can be all it takes to shift the battle in your favor. Other players sometimes also use trick too to do this, and having them trick it onto a klutz Pokemon essentially wastes one of their turns. Also, unless the opponent has frisk, they have no way of knowing what a klutz Pokemon's item is, making them unpredictable. That said, klutz-tricking items only works in low tiers, and only about 2 or 3 Pokemon can even do it, so... yeah.
So basically, klutz is terrible in game and useless anywhere unless you have trick or fling or something. It's good for annoying people on showdown, but not much else. It's a gimmick, really.

But at least it's better than truant, right?

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Thank you. This is useful.
They have changed how stolen items work... anyway, you get all of your items back after any battle. you can steal items from wild Pokémon, not sure about trainers.
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Some trainers have Choice Band, Scarf or Specs held to their Pokemons and move Trick. This might be sometimes useful if they make you hold Choice items and you don't like it. Or you can Trick your opponents with your Choice items and be safe of opponents possibility to hold bad items for your Pokémon. Hope this helped! :)

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Thank you.
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If you know someone or a gym leader who you know will always use trick or covet (a move which steals the opponents item) they can't steal your item because you won't have one. As with trick, it will waste their turn. Also if your opponent tries do give you a blast ball or something. You can't hold it therefore you won't get burnt.

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Thank you.
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It can be used for stealing berries in gen 4 without using them, I am currently trying to get a sitrus berry from the platinum elite four.

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That's an okay use but do you realize the question is SUPER old?