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I know this will never make OHKOs, but I'm wondering if it could make decent chip damage.

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No, even with a boosting nature and 252 SpA EVs, Night Shade does almost as much damage in most cases without wasting your EVs, making it a much better chip move.

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Theoretically, you could abuse Moody, Normal STAB and Boomburst's great base power. Unfortunately, Smeargle's ability to abuse Boomburst is stymied by the fact that Moody is banned in most Smogon tiers, and Smeargle's abysmal 20 Special Attack. Besides, Smeargle has better things to do like Spore or Defog or whatever Smeargle does these days.

Realistically, you're much better off using a utility move like Fake Out. While Boomburst is cool on paper, Smeargle's pathetic offences negate any usefulness you might get from the move.

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Probably should have told you this was for wifi and I don't like moody because its too random and it was my only attack. I also have spore,SR and sticky web
If that is your moveset, I would recommend Dragon Tail.  It's forced switch on hit abuses Stealth Rock and Sticky Web.