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I'm pretty sure that its illogical.Boomburst's description says that it attacks everyone with a terrible and explosive sound.How does a tiny swallow Pokemon make a terrible and explosive sound?! But then again birds do sing. Maybe it attacks by singing terribly! But I'm pretty sure thats not the reason.And Pokemon has a lot of illogical things like Tyrantrum with Strong jaw but it only get fang moves by breeding.
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There's logic behind it.

Sifting throught it's R/S/E Pokedex entries here brings up that it is a gutsy Pokemon and will actually take on a Skarmory on equal footing. How would it take on a Skarmory? With its voice.

Taillow can learn plenty of moves that involve sound by plenty means. It learns Growl, Round, Echoed Voice, Sleep Talk, Snore and Boomburst, all moves that involve sound.

With it using its sound in combat, it only makes sense that it can use an attack that attacks with the destructive power of a terrible, explosive sound.

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Wut I thought it was just it was recklessly gutsy and never gave up nothing to do with the voice :/
It uses its voice to attack :P
I would have said this. xD
Thanks now ir makes since :) +1