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Once again its a question about charizrd
so I started working on a new one its mild nature and attack and efance evd
right now hes moveset is :
dragon pulse (as suggested)
flamethrower (the best)
earthquake(thats why its evd for attack)
and sunny day (that I want to switch)

well since I want it attack to be high I think il teach it sword dance but what do you think ?


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Well, I would say don't Bother training its Defense. Its Pointless. No matter how much you train its defense, it'll still be low. Charizards attack shouldnt be bothered with either, hes better as a Special Sweeper. Same with its attack. Tran in sA and SPE.

Teach it: Focus Blast, Flamethrower, Substitute, Roost.

Have it hold the berry that increases speed at low hp.

However, ifuv already trained is Def and Atk, then teach it:
Flare Blitz: STAB
Roost: Heaing.
Swords Dance: ATTACK BOOST!
Earthquake: Coverage.

Or a Mixed Set:

EVs: SA, SPEED, Attack(and def if you already trained)

ThunderPunch/Dragon Pulse: Coverage.
Earthquake: Coverage.
Flamehrower: STAB
Air Slash/Roost: STAB or Healing

Salac Berry:the berry the berry that increases speed at low hp
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I suggest swords dance definatly