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i was scrolling through Pokemon q and a and I saw a few things about an invincible floette.yes I have defeated RZ and watched his floetee come back to him but that was it.

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What are you actually asking? Yes, there is an invincible Floette, but what about it?
I was asking if it existed and where it is found
It should be a no-brainer that you can't actually encounter it or catch it, or obtain it one way or another. The Floette being granted eternal life is just a plot device, nothing more.

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The Floette is invincible only because it is given eternal life like AZ. It is not invincible in that it has superior strength or anything like that.. You cannot obtain a Pokemon that isn't yours, so you cannot actually obtain AZ's Floette in the game at all.

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It would be a cool event though.