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I've been playing Pokemon for a couple years now.. I've played almost all the games... And one thing I don't understand is what order the games go in. I don't mean what year they come out... I mean what order the story takes place, Including the mystery dungeons, Pokemon rangers, and etc.

From what I heard, Generations 1, 3, and 5 take place at the same time. Generations 2, and 4 also take place at the same time 3 years later.

Based on that, Generation 6 might take place at the same time as Generation 2 and 4.

As for the mystery dungeon games, I don't even think they take place in the same universe.

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There have been some YouTube videos on this subject. Here is one if you are interested.
I haven't watched it recently, but I think it basically agrees with Melvin Ishtar's comment above.

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Thanks! That video really helped!
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Here is a timeline:

  1. The events of RBY/FRLG and RSE take place first. No exact date is given.
  2. The events of Colosseum and Ranger take place sometime between #1 and #3.
  3. The events of GSC/HGSS, DPPt, and the next two Rangers (Shadows of Almia and Guardian Signs) take place three years after #1.
  4. The events of XD take place two years after #3.
  5. The events of BW take place a few years after #3.
  6. The events of B2W2 take place two years after #5.

It is unclear when or where the events of the Mystery Dungeon series took place.

I think mystery dungeon: explorers of time could have happened around about pokemon diamond or at least in a parallel universe due to dialga getting "chained" which could be represented as the time gears being taken, but then again it might be unrelated. The lake trio's gems being taken could also be kinda related