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Gen 4 and 5 games are way too valuable to be selling for under $15, and there's no way a same person would have hundreds of them to sell, esp for that cheap. Where I live, they go as high as $150 (gen 5).

These are 100% without a doubt, repro cartridges.

Here's some warning signs when buying cartridges:

  • Does it look new? Any wear? If it's lacking wear, it's probably fake. They don't make new old games.
  • Is the sticker slanted? If yes, it was hand-put on. This doesn't always mean it's fake, but it definitely means it's been tampered somehow.
  • The price. Gen 4 and 5 games are valuable, typically pricey.
  • The Quantity. If there's more than 10 for sale by the seller, assume it's fake.
  • If the seller claims it's new. Gen 4 and 5 games are too old to be new. If you find an unopened box copy, chances are it'll be for sale in the 100's

Here's some tips when buying old games:

  • Buy local. This way, you can test the game out to make sure it works.
  • Know the value of the game. Knowing the game's value in your area can help you know if you have a deal, or are about to be ripped off.
  • Signs of "aged" cartridges are good. Slight scratches and tear on it proves that it's been through a long, working life, make sure it works of course, but imperfections are a good thing when looking for authentic cartridges.
  • Seller's history. If you're buying online, make sure the seller has a good reputation, and isn't selling millions of the same game.

In conclusion, if you think it's fake, it probably is.

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The seller has an excellent reputation however the Gen 5 carts are kinda "messed up" the Pokémon logo on them are brighter than I expect. Not sure if they works or will damage my DS/3DS.
They shouldnt damage your ds, but there's a chance they won't work. They aren't legit at all, buying repro carts are risky, but they won't hurt your ds