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I want it! But I do not know were the cave it or how to get to it. Will someone tell me where and how to get to that cave? Please!

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I caught Zygarde with just a normal poké ball because of the o power capture

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You go to route 18 (between Anistar & Couriway) to Terminus Cave (you can only catch Zygarde post-game).
Go south of Anistar city to route 18, follow the dirt path into tall grass, follow the path, go over the bridge, (watch out for the battle girl), and you'll find an entrance to a mine (go in).

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that would`ve been helpful if you told me WHERE it`s at on route 18
what does pre-game mean? do you mean post-game?
That`s better. thank you :)
PostGame is after you beat the champion, and pregame is before this =P (to find megastones, you need to upgrade your megaring, and this happens after you beat your rival in Kiloude City [ And yes, this is in the PostGame])
do you need any HMs?
no (filler)
You don't need HMs, but Rock Smash might be useful.