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I know this is quite late in Gen VI's lifespan, but the heck with it. In Pokemon X & Y, in the bottom floor of Glittering Cave, there, as the "centerpiece" of sorts for that specific floor, quite possibly the entire cave, is a bright spot that has textures that remind me of the mythical Pokemon Diancie for some reason. Is there any significance for this spot at all? This has been nagging at my brain ever since I discovered it a month ago, so help would be greatly appreciated!

I think it's where you find the Alakazite, if I'm picturing the right place.
Yeah, that's​ correct

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If the room I'm thinking of is the room that you described, it's where you find the Alakazite — Alakazam's Mega Stone. It's glimmer is hard to see because of the floor's brightness!

I didn't check this post when I found the Alakazite, but y'all are right. It's a shame the place wasn't used as a way to obtain the Diancite in X & Y, it would have made WAY more sense. Ah well...