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You have an Eevee with max friendship, a Fairy move, max affection, and you level it up during the day near a mossy/icy rock. What would it evolve into?

Why are you asking?
Cuz I like random, hypothetical questions like this.
It would probably evolve into a Leafylvespeon during the day, or a Glasylvumbreon during the night.

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This is a half answer, because I don't know enough about Pokemon Amie yet. However, I didn't really think this is a comment so...

It would evolve into a Leafeon/ Glaceon. I tried it with my Eevee in Platinum, and it evolved into Leafeon near a Mossy Rock despite having the happiness for Espeon/ Umbreon.

Mossy/ Icy Rock overrides the happiness quota.

On this basis. I suspect that Mossy/ Icy Rock will override the Pokemon Amie quota as well, because you have to seek them out. Moreover, there is only one place in the game to evolve Leafeon and Glaceon respectively, whereas you can evolve Espeon/ Umbreon/ Sylveon anywhere.

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