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is there any easier way to get shiny Pokemon on the new Pokemon???
like the charm, or the region system on black/white?


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Known for sure

  • The PokeRadar (which can be obtained postgame from Professor Sycamore's Lab) allows you have your Shiny encounter rate increased if you can maintain a chain. It works the same way as it did in Generation 4 (see details here), though occasionally a shaking grass patch won't have a Pokemon in it (a new mechanic in the games). If the grass spot does not have a Pokemon in it, the chain will end. Using your Rollerskates also ends the chain for whatever reason.
  • The Masuda method from previous Generations allows a Pokemon in Egg to have a higher chance of being Shiny if it parents are from two different countries. A way to promore trading, I guess.


  • Giving tips for certain services (such as the cafes in Lumiose City) increses you Shiny encounter rate apparently.
  • If you can maintain a "fishing chain" (a new mechanic introduced in X and Y), your Shiny encounter rate will increase. Basically, you just need to get many consecutive fish using a fishing rod. Getting the "nothing seems to be biting" message breaks the chain, as does moving from your postition.

Let me know if I've missed anything.

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Therefore use a Pokemon with Suction Cups. BTW, the fishing chain thing is correct.
ill follow all these (:  thanks!   -though i dont want shiny pokes by fishing : l
ED: Can i save my game to keep my Chain Safe?? -Or it resets anyway?
No problem :)

I'm pretty sure saving resets your chain; so I wouldn't recommend saving in the middle of a chain.