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I'm trying to get the Shiny Charm, but I really want to shiny hunt. Which one should I do? This is USUM, but I don't know if that matters.

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You can shiny hunt whenever you want, but it'll most likely take longer if you don't have a shiny charm. I'm not sure how this question can be answered.
This is a pretty weird question you can hunt shinies whenever you want so it is kinda opinial and pretty hard to answer but if i would then i would say:

If you really want a shiny then hunt it. If you are not really desperate for a shiny then don't since they aren't any better
tbh, if you've hunted in a game with the 1/8192 shinychance, then shinyhunting in gen 7 is just busted no matter how you cut it. It generally only takes a few hours to find a shiny by chaining, even without the charm, so I'll say go ahead.
I edited the question a bit so it's answerable in an objective sense. If you want to go and make a personal recommendation, feel free. But hopefully this also gives OP a way to make an assessment for themselves also.

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The shiny charm multiplies the shiny chance by 3, so in most cases you can expect shiny hunting to take 1/3 as much time as it would without the shiny charm.

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Thanks dude! That was really helpful.
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In Gen 7, the base chance is still 1/4096 and boosted to approximately 1/1365.

However, the most effective method in Gen 7 is SOS battles. The chance of finding a shiny Pokemon without the shiny charm is 1/1024. With the shiny charm, the chance is approximately 1/683 (rounded up). Putting each probability to common denominators, you have:

4/4096 (without charm) vs. 6/4096 (with charm).

Therefore, with the shiny charm, it increases the probability by 50% (1.5x). However, since we're talking about two still very low scales, you should really look at it as an increase from approximately 0.0977% to 0.146% chance (where both are still less than 1%).

Hope I helped! :)

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The chance to find one without the shiny charm is 1/4096, not 1/1024. The shiny charm raises this to 1/1365, not 1/683.
Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Shiny_Pok%C3%A9mon
The answer was for the most effective method, SOS hunting. I'll alter it, but majority of USUM trainers will almost never stick to regular shiny hunting.