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I know female starters and shiny starters are rare, and I heard the odds of getting a shiny female starter is about 1/32,000 something if they're correct. (which I'm unsure if they are considering I'm bad at math). But I have a shiny charm and masuda method to try and get a shiny female Popplio soon. I'm doing this in Ultra Moon,by the way. If masuda method + shiny charm = 1/512 and starters have a 12.5% chance to be female,what are my odds? Sorry I'm not very good at math, and I couldn't find a specific question like the one I'm asking.


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It should be 1/512 multiplied by 12.5% = 1/4096

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1/4096 = (1/512) * 12.5% = (1/512) / 8