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I have Ultra Moon and I completed the game, filled 402 Pokedex Pokemon, and got the charm. I'm doing the Masuda Method and Shiny charm and, so far, I've only gotten 1 shiny Pokemon in roughly 250+ eggs hatched. Now I'm pursuing the second shiny Pokemon, this one is intense. Every day for the past 2 weeks I've been hatching 260 eggs each day. No Shiny! It's to the point I'm asking myself if it is broken. What should I do? Help!

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your luck is horrible
I know, but what can I do? I'm not quitting even if life is hard

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The Shiny Charm's not 'broken'... just because it increases the chances doesn't guarantee you a Shiny within a certain number of Eggs. Even with the Shiny Charm & Masuda Method, it's still a random chance, just with somewhat better odds.

About one in 228, to be more exact. I guess you are just unlucky.
Any recomendations on how to get rid of bad luck?
Man, if I knew how to get rid of bad luck, I'd be going to casinos & pulling $60 Yugioh cards instead of playing Pokemon. :')
You can try hanging horseshoes everywhere to start.
LOL! Yugioh cards haha I remember those. Since the last 4 hours I've hatched 130 eggs and no luck! And that's on a social saturday where I had things to do. I'll try the horseshoes :)