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So I just git my Shiny Charm yay! But I was wondering since Ultra Space Pokemon are already more commonly shiny, does the Shiny charm make them more common still? I just want legit shinnies...fast... I know that’s unlikely but hey maybe Ultra Space is a good place to start? Basically what i’m asking is say a wirmhole has 3% chance for a shiny (or whatever the percentages are) will a shiny charm naje it higher or still 3%?


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non legendaries are not affected by charm. Ultra beasts and legendaries are affected, as they have normal shiny odds (1/4096) and odds are increased as such (About 1/1364 with shiny charm)


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The Pokémon you encounter and its shiny value are determined from the moment you step into a wormhole, so soft resetting for a different Pokémon or for a shiny Pokémon will not work.
This does not apply to legendary Pokémon and Ultra Beasts, which are normal stationary encounters, so you are able to soft reset your game to find shinies. The odds for these Pokémon to be shiny are the same as the base shiny odds in the games: 1/4096. If you have the Shiny Charm, your odds become 3/4096.

The chart below shows the probability of shiny Pokémon appearing in each type of wormhole, except for Type 1. In Type 1 wormholes, the chance of encountering a shiny Pokémon is always 1%, regardless of the distance traveled. Type 4 wormholes will normally contain legendary Pokémon, for which the odds do not apply, but if the player has defeated legendary Pokémon in the color of wormhole, they are able to find non-legendary Pokémon, for which these odds do apply.

500 Light Years 1% 1% 0%
1000 Light Years 2% 3% 4%
1500 Light Years 3% 5% 8%
2000 Light Years 4% 7% 12%
2500 Light Years 5% 9% 16%
3000 Light Years 6% 11% 20%
3500 Light Years 7% 13% 24%
4000 Light Years 8% 15% 28%
4500 Light Years 9% 17% 32%
5000+ Light Years 10% 19% 36%

Uh, tables are annoying to copy and paste...

Source (Smogon)

Pokemon that aren't UBs/Legendaries have a set shiny percentage (as seen in that chart I failed to copy and paste). However, UBs/Legendaries are affected by the Shiny Charm as any other Pokemon would be.

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It still increases the chances to find a shiny Pokemon. If you want shinnies then start in Ultra Space because the percentage rate is higher with the shiny charm then anywhere else in the game.
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Remember, you still have an incredibly high chance compared to normal of getting a wormhole shiny, and the Shiny Charm will still work for UBs and legendaries that you find in wormholes :3
So they say lol but i have terrible shiny luck XD i SOSed Alolan Neowth TWICE and nothing lol i’m shre i’ll be back for UBs but i think i have all the legends.
If you have all of the legendaries, the rarest wormholes (the fancy ones) will have a 36% chance of having a shiny Pokemon at 5000+ light years :3