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So far the only Pokemon of which the Hidden Abilities are known are the Pokemon that can be found in the Friend Safari. For the Kalos region Pokemon they are as following:

  • Chespin>>>Quilladin>>>Chesnaught
    Hidden Ability:Bulletproof

  • Fennekin>>>Braixen>>>Delphox
    Hidden Ability: Magician

  • Froakie>>>Frogadier>>>Greninja
    Hidden Ability:Protean
  • Bunnelby>>>Diggersby
    Ability 1:Pickup
    Ability 2:Cheek Pouch
    Hidden Ability:Huge Power
  • Fletchling>>>Fletchinder>>>Talonflame
    Ability:Flame Body
    Hidden Ability:Gale Wings
  • Scatterbug>>>Spewpa>>>Vivillon
    Ability 1:Shield Dust
    Ability 2:Compoundeyes
    Hidden Ability:Friend Guard
  • Litleo>>>Pyroar
    Ability 1:Rivalry
    Ability 2:Unnerve
    Hidden Ability:Moxie

  • Flabebe>>>Floette>>>Florges
    Ability:Flower Veil
    Hidden Ability:Symbiosis

  • Skiddo>>>Gogoat
    Ability:Sap Sipper
    Hidden Ability:Grass Pelt

  • Pancham>>>Pangoro
    Ability 1:Iron Fist
    Ability 2:Mold Breaker
    Hidden Ability:Scrappy

  • Espurr(hidden ability: Own Tempo)>>>Meowstic
    Ability 1:Keen Eye
    Ability 2:Infiltrator
    Hidden Ability:Competitive(Female), Prankster(Male)

  • Spritzee>>>Aromatisse
    Hidden Ability:Aroma Veil

  • Swirlix>>>Slurpuff
    Ability:Sweet Veil
    Hidden Ability:Unburden

  • Inkay>>>Malamar
    Ability 1:Contrary
    Ability 2:Suction Cups
    Hidden Ability:Infiltrator

  • Binacle>>>Barbaracle
    Ability 1:Tough Claws
    Ability 2:Sniper
    Hidden Ability:Pickpocket

  • Helioptile>>>Heliolisk
    Ability 1:Dry Skin
    Ability 2:Sand Veil
    Hidden Ability:Solar Power

  • Hawlucha
    Ability 1:Limber
    Ability 2:Unburden
    Hidden Ability:Mold Breaker

  • Dedenne
    Ability 1:Cheek Pouch
    Ability 2:Pickup
    Hidden Ability:Plus

  • Goomy>>>Sliggoo>>>Goodra
    Ability 1:Sap Sipper
    Ability 2:Hydration
    Hidden Ability:Gooey

  • Klefki
    Hidden Ability:Magician

  • Phantump>>>Trevenant
    Ability 1:Natural Cure
    Ability 2:Frisk
    Hidden Ability:Harvest

  • Pumpkaboo>>>Gourgeist
    Ability 1:Pickup
    Ability 2:Frisk
    Hidden Ability:Insomnia

  • Bergmite>>>Avalugg
    Ability 1:Own Tempo
    IAbility 2:ce Body
    Hidden Ability:Sturdy

  • Noibat>>>Noivern
    Ability 1:Frisk
    Ability 2:Infiltrator
    Hidden Ability:Telepathy

  • Sylveon
    Ability: Cute Charm
    Hidden Ability: Pixilate

  • Skrelp>>>Dragalge
    Ability 1:Poison Point
    Ability 2:Poison Touch
    Hidden Ability:Adaptability

  • Amaura>>>Aurorus
    Ability :Refrigerate
    Hidden Ability:Snow Warning
  • Carbink
    Ability:Clear Body
    Hidden Ability:Sturdy


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Meowstic's hidden ability is either Competitive (fem) or Prankster (male). Only Espurr has Own Tempo.