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I'm training for the Pokémon League in Pokémon Y, but I can't seem to find a good area to train all my Pokémon. The Daycare is complete Balls when training high leveled Pokémon, so I'm thinking in Victory Road. Even though I tried once, I failed at the Champion. Could you get me useful advice?

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Yea, Victory Road is probably the best place. Give whatever Pokemon is in the lead the Lucky Egg, and make sure the EXP. Share is turned on. It shouldn't take that long for your Pokemon to go up a few levels.
As for how to beat the champion - did you fail against her Gardevoir? If so, then you probably just need someone to teach Poison, Ghost, or Steel moves to. Even as a Mega-Gardevoir I found it to be quite frail, and unable to take super effective hits very well. I mean my level 53 Aerodactly took it out with 2 Iron Heads, and that's over 10 levels below what the Gardevoir is (admittedly I got the flinch from the first one, so it couldn't even attack me). But the Mega Evolution's Defence stat is the same as Gardevoir's regular one, so if you have Iron Head, Poison Jab, etc. on anyone, then that is definitely the way to go.

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If your pokémon are lv60-70, you shouldn't have much trouble, and if you kept Exp. Share active the entire time, you shouldn't have much trouble reaching those levels without grinding.

That said, I suppose Victory Road would be the best place to level up. Maybe revisit some places and look for trainers you haven't beaten yet. Trainer's pokémon give alot more experience than wild ones.

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