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Lots of people have amazing Pokemon that are fully maxed out in their stats.

I do the same with my Pokemon, fully EV train, level up to 50 and that's it. But when I go online they feel very weak... Are all Evs applied at 50 or would I have to level up to 100? Obviously leveling your entire team to 100 would be too long and frustrating, so how would I max out my Pokemon's capability (what level should I level them up to, to where they have all EVs applied?).

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If you fully EV trained them and maxed out 508 EVs, thier EVs are always there. EVs do not disappear unless manually reset via berries or through some NPC methods (like Join Avenue Salon/ Cafe).

EVs are permanent. You can a fully EV trained level 5 Pokemon (as some people do for Little Cup) and it will always have all those EVs all the way up to Level 100.

The most likely reason you feel your Pokemon are "weak" is because of their IVs. If they have low IVs, they will not be able to compete with a Pokemon that has higher IVs and is also correctly EV trained. EV training is only part of the equation to making a Pokemon stronger. The other most common method is cultivating good IVs through breeding.

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