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I am EV training, and I don't have any EV boosting items on me. How many SOS KOs will it take me to:
-Max out speed (using Wingull)
-Max out HP (using Chansey)
-Max out Defense (using Pelliper)
-Max out Attack (using Yungoos)
-Max out sp. def (using Tentacool)
-Max out sp. atk (using Petlil)

I am using Tapu Koko and Cobalion as False Swipers.

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Are you playing on USM? You can find 1 of each EV boosting item for free. Also, do you have pokerus?
oh really?  I am on USUM, no pokerus, but can you stil plz answer, if you answer, not including power bossting items?

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Wingull: 126 KOs
Chansey: 63 KOs
Pelipper: 63 KOs
Yungooses: 126 KOs
Tentacool: 126 KOs
Petilil: 126 KOs
I would still recommend getting the power items.

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Bring it up in a Meta thread -- we'll figure out the problem, or it'll be addressed by Pokemaster if something has somehow broken. https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/ask
I have agot a long way too go...
@Fizz, wut are you talking about?
Deathrider hid their comment, everything else is explained here: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/67411/
With the power items, it is around 28 Ko's :P
Yeah I EV train a lot in USUM, and I would definitely recommend using the Power items and Vitamins. It takes 15 minutes or less to fully train a Pokémon.
I hardly bother-there is poke pelago too. I don't get a lot of time...