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How many vitamins each on Sw&Sh
Would it take to get an EV spred like that?
EVs: 80 HP / 56 Def / 120 SAtk / 252 SDef,
I know to get the 252 it takes 26

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80 HP: 8 HP Ups
56 Def: 5 Irons
120 Sp.Atk: 12 Calcium
252 SDef: 25 Zinc
Note that 56 and 252 aren't divisible by 10, so you have to use 1 extra vitamin to get to the rounded up EV for that stat i.e. 6 irons means 60, which is rounded up of 56 EVs.
Source: Hmm.... Not calculator. I know these simple math at least, lol.
Also one thing to note. You can't give 6 Irons and 26 Zincs, since you will reach the limit. For Def, use 5 Irons then gain 6 Def EVs through wild Pokemon or anything else. For Sp.Def, give 25 Zinc and get 2 Sp.Def through wild Pokemon or other methods.

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What's that about rounded off if I use the  vitamins should I use them in a certain order to make it work out and if I use other people's movesets with spreads like that but ya know all sorts of different ones, how can I calculate it so I don't have to keep asking people for help for every single one?
Each Vitamins give 10 EVs, so you have to give a extra one. There is no set order of which vitamin you have it give. You can give them in any order you like. For calculating, divide the no. of needed EVs by 10. Eg. 56 by 10= 5.6, which when rounded would give.
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